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Strellson meets Bianchi...Giveaway

   Midsummer, 7:30 a.m. You put on your shirt and knot your tie. In a hurry, you pack breakfast into your bag and run to the car. You have half an hour to get to work, all the time you need - or so you think. After 5 minutes, you hit the first traffic jam. You lose 10 minutes. At the next junction you find yourself in the same situation.  What a day, you think… I will never make it on time…
   Many people who live in the city have the same problem .  If it is not a traffic jam , it is a late bus or train. Every day, the same old story. Why not go by bike? No, you think; after all, I have to wear a suit. Before  I get to work my suit will be crumpled and dirty. But wait a minute!  Here we come to the point.
Where can I find a suit which is appropriate for cycling? Here’s the answer.  From Strellson. 
   Strellson, the international fashion and lifestyle company from Switzerland, in partnership with Bianchi- professional cycling company, has created a clothing line which allows you to take your bike wherever you go, and still arrive in style. 

The main element is a suit, resistant to dirt and water, made of stretchy materials so it doesn’t crease too fast. It also features zippered pockets, so you won’t lose your office keys, and reflective elements to keep you safe at night.
   Apart from the bike and suit the collection includes: The Jacket, The X- Bag, The Long Sleeve / The Retro-Shirt / The T-Shirt, The shirt, The Stretch Belt, The helmet.
Why  am I writing about it? Because I have a contest for you.
The only thing you have to do is answer the question. “Where would you go?” (With the Strellson bike, wearing the Strellson suit.)
Describe your way to your destination! Work?  Date? Dinner with the in-laws? It makes no difference. This combination offers a whole bunch of possibilities. Set your imagination free and describe your "urban adventure.” If you have no idea for the Strellson's suit I want to hear your coolest, funniest or craziest bike story!! Every little detail! So go to Strellson’sFacebook page,  post your comment – and say you heard about the contest on my blog - and  convince me that you deserve to win! For your comments we are waiting two weeks - to March 31:) 
The bloggers will choose their favourite comments, and award these lucky winners a  piece from Strellson´s new collection! Help us out by “liking” your favourite comment, it will help us make our decisions.
   But this is not all! In addition, the favourite comment overall wins the outfit! I think it is worth it! So let’s do it! Write a few sentences!!! I look forward to your applications.
Po polsku już  krótko :) Mam dla Was konkurs. Jedyne co musicie zrobić to odpowiedzieć na pytanie : "Gdzie byś pojechał mając rower i garnitur z najnowszej kolekcji Strellsona?!" Nie macie pomysłu na garnitur Strellsona?! Czekam w takim razie na Waszą najzabawniejszą, najbardziej zwariowaną "rowerową historię". Macie duże pole do popisu. Opiszcie swoje miejskie hisotrie i udowodnijcie, że to Wam się należy nagroda. Każdy z blogerów (jest ich 10) wybierze swojego faworyta, który otrzyma, wybraną przez siebie, rzecz z najnowszej kolekcji Strellsona.  Dodatkowo spośród wszystkich komentarzy zostanie wybrany najlepszy, a jego autor otrzyma cały miejsko-elegancki outfit!!! Komentarze zostawiajcie pod tym adresem. Niezwykle istotne jest, abyście napisali, że to u mnie dowiedzieliście się o konkursie ;)
Drogie Panie, nie krępujcie się :) Na komentarze od Was też czekamy :) Zawsze można sprawić prezent swojemu mężczyźnie ;)
Na komentarze czekamy 2 tygodnie - do 31 Marca :) Odpowiedzi możecie udzielać w języku angielskim,  niemieckim i polskim :) 

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